Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rough Draft finished

What a week, I finished the first draft of my book which is now using the working title Shade on the Run, plus took care of the day job. I have a few beta readers pouring over the rough draft now and will take the time to work on it when I get their feedback. Until then it is time to go home to the ranch. Friends are coming up from Wyoming and it should be a great time, dogs, kids, food, and a lot of noise. Just before I release the book I will release the short story Shade as a single. That way everyone can read the story that inspired the book. They are separate stories but the short story sets the tone for the rest and explains how some of the characters met in more detail than the book does.
I am finding this discussion going on in the public square about the individual vs the community especially intriguing since it similar to the theme of my book. There are those who live on the Government grid and those who choose not to. While everyone gets help from others it is what the individual does with that help that matters. Yes it is about how smart you are and how hard you work. There are a lot of smart people and a lot of hard working people, but there are also those who don't work smart. Anyone could have taken the Government technology and created Microsoft or Apple, but it was Bill Gates and Steve Jobs that actually did it. I could try to publish all my books using a typewriter and xerox machine, but that isn't working smart. Using the tools available doesn't make anyone's achievements less or does it make them indebted to those who built the tools. If you paid for the use of the tools then what you did with them is your own creation and something to be proud of.

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