Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final stages.

Rambling is now in the final stages before publication. The last two stories are finished and formatted, just waiting for the final word from the people I have asked to look them over.
The first new story is Dreaming of a Warm Place and tells the story of a young man stuck in western Wyoming during a particularly cold night tending a flock of sheep.
Second is Tyler's Courage a fictional story written for a very special young man who recently went through a very unusual surgery. This adventure takes him and his uncle on a fishing trip high up in the mountains of Montana.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One more finished.

Well after finishing the first of two new short stories entitled "Dreaming of a Warm Place" which is the tale of a sheep herder lost in Western Wyoming and entrusted with the care of a herd of sheep during a particularly cold night. It is close to the story behind the origin of Little America hotel in Wyoming. Located 20 + miles west of Green River Wyoming is a beautiful oasis just made for the traveling public. Good Food comfortable rooms and plenty of parking for everyone Little America is an enjoyable place in the Summer and a haven from the storms of a Wyoming winter when needed. It will be part of my new book "Rambling" due out in time for Christmas.