Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photographic Prints

After putting it off for years I have finally posted some images on Fine Art America. This is thanks to encouragement of  a very talented photographer and friend. From everything I have heard about them they do top quality work and their canvas prints are extremely well done. Knowing my friend Eric Smith if they meet his standards then it is worth the money. He has been running a very successful Portrait Studio for years. We worked together many years ago in Germany where we basically made up the entire photo section along with one other photographer. If you have seen an image of mine that isn't up yet and would like a print please let me know and I will try to get it posted as quickly as possible. Also take the time to check out Eric's work at the same time. He uses a technique that produces some very interesting pieces.

My friend Robert Bidinotto has started a new website that he calls The Vigilante Author. He has some very informative articles about the independent publishing process and market.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Texas, BBQ, and knives.

I was headed west on I-20 between Shreveport, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas this morning when I decided to stop at a new truck stop at exit 523. Rumor had it that the guy who used to have the knife shop in the TA truck stop in Terrell, TX. had moved over to this new place. Since he has always been fun and informative to talk to, and he puts good edge on my work knife it made sense to check it out. Trouble was they also had a BBQ restaurant there too. Now I do have a weakness to slow smoked Texas style BBQ, so a plate of ribs made it out to the truck. Over the years during our conversations I have mentioned my writing from time to time. Well today he asked where he could find it, so I got a copy of Rambling and signed it for him. My only request was that he keep it on the counter and if people ask that he tell them about it and give them my card. So with some possible good advertising going, a plate of ribs for dinner and a sharp edge on my knife I left and headed west. The name of the truck stop is Dukes Travel Plaza and though the parking is a little tight the food is good and the people are friendly. If you stop by there be sure and say hi, to Jerry Bates at The Knife Shop.
If you are looking for a new indie author who ranks up there with Thor, Flynn, and Clancy check out the new release Hunter by Robert Bidinotto, it is an excellent thrill ride full of secrets and surprises.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


For most of the last week my wife and I have been working on a log cabin on our ranch. It has been a lot of work. At times we have been using the same tools that our ancestors would have used. One of which is a draw knife. This is a piece of metal sharpened on one side with handles on both ends. The purpose of this implement is to skin the bark off logs that are going to be used in building. It is a long and arduous task using a lot of arm and back muscles. Some of which I forget that I even had. Since the cabin has a wood burning stove as the main source of heat getting the firewood stacked is another chore that needs to be done before winter sets in. If it doesn't get done while I am home then my wife would have to do it while I am on the road. While these chores have gained me points with my wife they have also shown me just a taste of what it must have been like to have lived in my grandparent's  time. My maternal grandfather moved from Kansas to the plains of eastern Colorado to start his own farm. He built a sod house on the property and it was in this structure that my mother, uncle, and one of my aunts were born. Lumber was expensive and very hard to come by, so settlers used squares of sod to build with. The image is of my grandparents in front of the Soddy. Since the two children are identified as my Aunts Mary and Margaret I am guessing that it must have been taken around 1915 or so. The date on the edge is the date that it was copied. This is the type of structure I used as a refuge in the short story "Storm" in Rambling.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Not sure where this weeks blog will go. It is a time of reflection and hard work. We have two houses on our property, one stick built and one log house. Over the years we have found so many problems with the main house that we are going to move into the log house till we can save the money to either completely rebuild the main house or replace it in the future. Some of the people whom my wife hired to do the work based on bids are dragging their feet. It seems they under bid the project and took the money. What happened to the days when a persons word was their bond? I have run into the same types of things happening in the publishing world too.