Sunday, October 14, 2012

Confusion and control

There has been a lot going on lately. Some of it has been confusing and some has taken control of my time. It seems like the trucking side has been really busy of late. One major event that has recurred, is that I have reached a major milestone in my trucking career. In September I was notified that I had successfully passed the one million mile mark with this company. It isn't the first million miles that I have behind me but it is the first time I have done it with the same company. Any time a driver achieves that milestone it is an accomplishment that they will always be proud of. The majority of drivers do it pulling loads that are pretty much the same width, height, length and within the normal weight range. Some of us take a little more difficult route to that mark. The majority of the loads I hauled to reach the million mile point were wider, taller, longer and heavier than what the normal truck hauls. So if I puff out my chest a little when I say that I have a million miles behind me maybe you will understand..... Just to make a point see the image below.
Not all of my loads are this big, but they are larger than the average truck which is parked next to me here.

While all this trucking was going on I also managed to get my next book out. It opened with a three day weekend free promotion for Amazon Kindle. While it did alright it wasn't the major hit that my western novella The Last Raid was. The book did respectably but not as well as I had hoped. This whole marketing portion of writing is the part that has me confused. It was also in the Science Fiction category which is new for me. However the reviews that I have received for it have been excellent. The new book Shade on the Run is a look at how the future could be. It deals with a Government that controls every aspect of your life through technology and drugs. There are those who also use technology to try and restore freedom and liberty. The main character is called Shade and his job is to help those who wish to escape the Government and find the ones who live free. Give it a look and if you read it and like it please post a review. I can use all the help I can get to get the word out.

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