Monday, January 28, 2013

Guilty as charged.

My friend Robert Bidinotto also known as the Vigilante Author posted a link on his facebook page to an article titled But I Want Success Now! 
While I really didn't want to read the piece I knew that I should. So I reached down deep and found the courage. It definitely wasn't what I wanted to hear. All I really wanted was someone to tell me how I could become an overnight success next week. What I actually got from reading it was the honest truth. A simple fact that can be summed up in just two simple little words "Keep writing". The author of the piece Boyd Morrison talked about a number of very famous writers who had written numerous works before they actually hit the big time and became the names we know today. It also brought to mind a comment my wife told me about. A friend had mentioned how much my writing had improved since my first book. As I go back and read some of my early work I can see that my work has gotten better with practice. So while I see why Robert posted the article, it doesn't mean that I have to like their advice, but if I want to succeed I really need to follow it. Just as there have been times in my life that I wanted to just quit, it was the times that I refused to that paid off with the biggest rewards. So even though quick rewards would be great, they wouldn't taste as sweet as the ones I have had to work diligently to achieve. While somethings have come easily, the ones I am most proud of, took a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Thanks to Robert, for posting this and for always giving me a nudge in the right direction when I need it.

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