Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tales from a modern day drifter.

I have decided to take a slightly different tact in my marketing strategy. I have tried to keep my writing and my other job in trucking separate but it has come time to embrace them both. My travels while trucking have provided many of the ideas behind my writing so it is only fair that I mention it. All but two of the stories in Rambling are the direct result of things that were inspired by trucking or were thought out during my travels. Airborne: One Man's Journey while not directly related was thought out and plotted while on the road as was Jo Anna both of which are autobiographical.

There have also been some changes at my website eddvoss.com to include some videos that I haven't posted here yet. I hope to find the time and ambition to add to the photography pages on the site too. Check back for more information on the changes.

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