Monday, June 13, 2011

I stand with Israel.

I usually keep my politics separate from my writing but some times you just have to take a stand. Well this is my stand.

These are names that should never be forgotten and the crimes that were committed there should never be allowed to happen again. It wasn't just the Jews that died there, it was the Gays, the Romanies and anyone that the Nazi Party felt should be there. Now we see that there are those who ignore these things and forget how those who tried to escape the Third Reich had nowhere to go. Not even America would allow them in. Lady Liberty turned her back on them and sent them home to face the wrath of the Gestapo and Der Fuhrer. One of the Major reasons behind the establishment of the nation of Israel was to make sure that there would always be ONE place where the Jews could go to avoid persecution. When people talk about returning Israel to the pre-67 borders I want to know who will get the land that Israel aquired during that short war? Would Gaza return to Egypt? Do the Golan Heights return to Syria, and would the West Bank once again be known as Trans Jordan? Funny, notice that none of the land came from a place called Palestine. There was no Palestine and it wasn't really even considered till after the Yom Kippur War of 73. Now it can be seen that the game is not quite what it has been portrayed as in the news recently. While there are blatant attempts to make the whole mess in the Middle East appear to be the fault of Israel it is plain that people are not telling the whole truth about the matter. It is easy for us to sit here in the U.S. and tell Israel that they have to give up land for the Palestinians forgetting that the people in charge or the these people have only one goal, the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Well I for one cannot just sit idly by while that happens. I for one will always STAND WITH ISRAEL.

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