Monday, February 6, 2012

Passing of a friend.

In high school he and I were almost inseparable, then I ran off to California and ended up joining the Army. The adventures he and I had dreamed of around those summer campfires in the mountains were never to come. Our lives took different roads, but in a time when I really needed friends he and his family came into my life. What I learned from them about family was very important to my later life. His sister was the one to inform me of his passing. While we hadn't seen each other in years the memories that we created during those few years of high school will live on. Death is a part of life, yet it is always a surprise when it happens. To his three children who survive, all I can say is that your father was an important part of my life in a very positive way. He was willing to be friends with the kid from the Group Home, who had no family close by. We camped and dreamed around a thousand fires, all the time making plans for the future. Vic even though life lead us down different paths know that I will always cherish those dreams of our youth. I hope your soul was in Heaven half an hour before the Devil knew you were gone. May the adventures your physical body could not handle here on Earth be yours now for eternity.

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