Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Christmas Tale

After a learning curve that resulted in a false start A Tree for America is now available in both print and Kindle editions. The link above is for the Createspace store where the print edition is for sale now. They have assured me that by November 7th it will be on Amazon and linked with the Kindle Edition  which is up for sale now. This story was published in 2005 by a publishing company. While they lived up to their part of the contract I felt there was a lot more they could have done to promote it. I also was not impressed with the price tag they put on it. I am grateful to them for giving me the start, but I am much happier to be in control of my story now. There is also a place to Preview the book and comment on a portion of it. I have posted a good part of chapter one to wet your appetite. It is a story of two men who travel across the country in a semitruck hauling a large Douglas Fir to be displayed in front of the White House.
So now that the weather is getting colder and the snow will soon be falling, climb up in the cab of Ken Rainey's big red Freightliner. Settle in for the journey of a lifetime and just enjoy the ride.

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