Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Down time

Well once more I am sitting at my dining room table writing this before the sun is even peeking over the horizon. It is just getting light in the east and the day will soon begin in earnest. It will be a day of insulation, paint, drywall and light fixtures. By the end of the week we will start the move from the main house into the cabin. It is all part of a long term plan, to replace the main house. With all the leaks and opportunities for the rodent population to invade the main house we decided that we had to do something. What exactly we are not sure yet. Over time we will save the money we need to make the next move, isn't that supposed to be the American way? Work hard save your money and follow your dreams. I may not have all the time I wish to pursue my dreams of writing full time, but I do have the tools to work at them one step at a time. It was 2005 when my first effort at writing was picked up by a publisher. While the experience with the publisher wasn't bad, it wasn't all that great either. Thankfully it was the catalyst  that got me started. Since that time I have participated in a few short story projects and have published them all in a single volume Rambling.  Now the rights to my first book have reverted to me so I am in the process of getting it up as a Kindle product and figuring out the process for reissuing it in paperback. Along with that the novella "The Last Raid" is in the final editing stage and the cover design is set and approved. I hope to have my first work "A Tree for America" back up and available well before Christmas, because it is a good Christmas tale.

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