Monday, September 5, 2011


Many of my works deal with people facing adversity of one kind or another. I believe in the ability to overcome almost anything life throws at you if you understand one simple truth. While you can't control the things that happen in your life, you can control how you let it effect you. Many of you know a little of my own story and the adversity I have faced in my own life. But this week I got the chance to hear the compelling story of Michael Oher, whose story was portrayed in the movie and book The Blind Side. While I loved the movie Michael's own book, I Beat-Odds: FromHomelessness to the Blind Side and Beyond, tells it in an even a more compelling way. Also his comments on attitude and how it played a major part in his success are an example of that adage. There is a lot more to the story and how he was actually working to get out of his situation. He chose his friends and the people he wanted to associate with as part of his path out of the ghetto. Even if the Tuohy's had not taken him in he had a basic game plan in mind. Even if it meant starting out at a community college and working his way into a four year school with a football program. The very fact that this family did take him in and help him over the hurdles made me think back to all the people in my life who were there when I needed them. It seems that every time I was on the verge of taking the wrong path some one would say or do something to get my attention and turn me in the right direction. Sometimes it was just an off hand comment that sparked the change. You never know what change your comments can make. I just want to thank those people who may never even know the difference they made. My only hope is that in some small way I can pass that gift on to others.

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