Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is the season of giving, or so they tell us. Well I have to say that I received a wonderful gift this week. It took some time to do, but it didn't cost the giver a dime, just some energy. After an exhilarating week of watching his book Hunter climb into the top ten selling books on Kindle, Robert Bidinotto took the time to write an outstanding review of my book Rambling. It seems that Robert is one of the rising stars in the independent author business, so it is nice that he would take the time to help other authors try to scale the ladder to success. Some gifts are worth more than money and this is one of those. You can see the review on Robert's web page. So drop by and give it a read, then maybe you can enjoy both books, Robert's and mine.

Remember it is not the birth of the Child that is important, it is the sacrifice of the Man that makes the difference.

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